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Event: Auto Moonstruck rank up! (Beta test)
Become a Moonstruck automatically if you refer 5 friends, post 10 replies, get a reputation score of 10 and a total onlinetime of 5h!

- To refer a friend make sure that your friend fills in your profile name at his/her registration form or direct them to your refer a friend link shown at your "User CP".
- Make atleast 10 useful posts at our threads or create your own thread/s.
- Get rated by users and collect a total score of 10 reputation.
- Reach 5 hours of online time with your profile.
[Image: rra0XMV.png][Image: kgwNj44.png][Image: mnpKp7e.png]
[Image: OckxIvw.png][Image: mlxIyte.png][Image: m1lzkq2.png]
Thanks given by: SailorMoons
Nice, it would be nice if this is working fine!
SMS Customs always the strongest designs!
[Image: 5Ym17Cd.gif]
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An automatic join to a group is a nice feature! Hope it works fine too^^
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