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Example: I want to join as Moonstruk
APB:R Character/s? (if you own multiple characters please write like this: name (server), name (server)):

I want to join this event as:
  1. Moonstruck (needs to be verified by a staff member)
  2. Moonstruck + (needs to be verified by a staff member)
Do you want to receive new upcoming outfits/symbols related to this event?
  1. Yes
  2. No
Which outfit should we send to you?
  1. None (i have one)
  2. Unblock SailorMoons "Gothika" by SailorMoons (Female)
  3. I will use "Unblock SailorMoons" symbols on my outfit/s (Note: they need to be clearly visible)
How much time do you play APB Reloaded on a week (approximately)?

Attach an screenshot or more while you wear some Unblock SailorMoons outfits to your reply. It doesn't have to be one of our outfits if you have made one by yourself.
Just note, that the writing should be clearly visible and related to this event which is "Unblock SailorMoons"

For Moonstruck + Registrations:

What can you provide us (multiple choice available)?
  • I can advertise on occasion for SMS Customs and/or SailorMoons designs
  • I offer 1080p video quality on YouTube
  • I offer 720p video quality on YouTube
  • I offer a Livestream while playing with my character/s
For "Moonstruck +" registration, your YouTube and/or Livestream account link:

For "Moonstruck +" registration, which JMB weapon do you want to win?
  1. N-HVR 243 'Sitting Duck'
  2. Colby M-1922 'Hazardous'
  3. OCA Nano 'Connoisseur'
  4. N-HVR 243 SD 'Reaper'
  5. Firework Launcher
  6. NCR-762 'Anubis' Adeen
  7. Colby Commander
  8. NFAS-12 'True Ogre'
  9. FFA 'Bullshark'
  10. Obeya CAP40 'The Sergeant'
  11. N-TEC 7 'Ursus'
  12. OCSP 'Kommandant'
  13. AAEPD Volcano JC
  14. VBR 'Huntress'
  15. DOW 'Thumper'
  16. EOL Kickback
  17. EOL Deep Impact
  18. UL-3 'Bloody Mary'
  19. UL-3 'Hitchhiker'
  20. Raptor 45 'Condor'
  21. AMG-556 “Medusa!”
For "Moonstruck +" registration, which raffle system do you want to bypass?
  1. Moon Master Join (Choose this to add the *FFA 5.56 R&D III* to your JMB Raffle. Note: you will participate normally at the Moonstruck Prize {JMB Raffle})
  2. JMB Raffle (with this you can skip the raffle system for an guaranteed win, but you will participate at our JMB randomiser)
  3. JMB randomiser (with this you will get your choosen JMB weapon IF you have been picked up by our JMB Raffle system!)
For a Moonstruck + registration we have to validate that:
  • You always play with your "Unblock SailorMoons" FAN outfit. (You may want to create an outfit by yourself that contains clearly visible "Unblock SailorMoons" symbols (don't have to be my ones)).
  • You have provided one or more screenshots or videos of your character/s while wearing one of our "Unblock SailorMoons" outfits or the one you have/had designed.
  • You had equipped a symbol that stands for "Unblock SailorMoons" and use it while you play (don't have to be my ones).
  • Your provided [Youtube Video](if) is good enough and fits our requirements.
  • Your provided [Livestream](if) is used enough times.
We will verify the required conditions listed above and inform you if we had successfully set you rank at "Moonstruck +"
Feel free to reply if you can provide us screenshots or videos related to your currently used outfit/s in order to speed up the rank up process.

Your Message:
Thanks given by: SailorMoons , Aluminium
Also please, go to your "User CP" -> Group Memberships, there you can join one of our Moonstruck ranks.

But like D3VIL sayed we still need to verify the informations you provide us.
Thanks given by: D3VIL
All right, but ATM it would be the best to use the Registration Form HERE and join the Moonstruck group of your choice like Aluminium explained it above.
Thanks given by:
Create a Profile at this forum > Join the Group of your choise shown at "User CP" > register at the registration form HERE (if you want to sign up as Moonstruck/+/Moon Master).

Like this?^^
SMS Customs always the strongest designs!
[Image: 5Ym17Cd.gif]
Thanks given by:

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