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Special: VIP Package: Designer assistance
With the "VIP Package: Designer assistance" you will get assisted with designing stuff by your favourite designer of SMS Customs or we completely do your design at your character!
By purchasing this subscription you will become a "VIP Package" member with the corresponding product Rights!
This subscription is designed for people who want to freely resell their designed product on their accounts, that was created with help or completly created by one of our designers! (if they support this subscription)

Designers and infos:
  • SailorMoons - accepts "VIP Package: Designer assistance"s = Available - Price APB$: Negotiable - Alt. Purchase possibility: Negotiable
     Design assistance for your project via: TeamViewer, Skype or other.
     Design take over available for difficult projects (Trust required, since i need to log in to your account).
     After an design take over all created symbols that had been used for an Outfit and/or Car (decals) will be stored at my account!
     I don't accept theme or song requests!

  • vengeful - accepts "VIP Package: Designer assistance"s = ATM. NOT - Price APB$: Not specified - Alt. Purchase possibility: Not specified
Please post your request HERE if your favourite desiger is able to accept "Designer assistance"
SMS Customs always the strongest designs!
[Image: 5Ym17Cd.gif]
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