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WTB Outfit of Chelsea
Hi i have saw your outfit of Chelsea at the gamersfirst forum and the link to your website. So i had register here to ask for that outfit. I really want to buy this one. If it will be available please say me, thank you very much  Big Grin
Gamersfirst forum: Marikdsa
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I'm sorry that it took so long to answer you! We had lowered the workdays at our website and support due to the compulsory inactivity (account blocked) of our lead designer SailorMoons :S

But thank you for your registration at our website, we will inform you if our lead designer SailorMoons is able to sell your requested product again.
Also with your registration you can participate at our current Event + Raffle! Check it out HERE

Greetings, D3VIL.
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Thank you, i hope he will get his account unblocked and thanks for accepping my Moonstruck join request. I will post screenshots of my character with wearing the fan outfit soon Big Grin
Gamersfirst forum: Marikdsa
Thanks given by: SailorMoons , Aluminium
Your Welcome!  Big Grin
[Image: rra0XMV.png][Image: kgwNj44.png][Image: mnpKp7e.png]
[Image: OckxIvw.png][Image: mlxIyte.png][Image: m1lzkq2.png]
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