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I'm a FAN! :D
Hi there SailorMoons and SMScustoms members, i like the designs of SailorMoons and want to see and purchase some of the designs he made in the game!
Also i would request designs like a symbol and clothing for my characters too, since the quality is really amazing and Unrivaled.

I hope that Gamersfirst will unblock his account as soon as possible. In my opinion this would be a great thing for the game and it's community!
In order to show you that i'm a FAN of his work i will wear the FAN outfit on all my characters any time :3
Also i have read the event 'SailorMoons Revival' and want to join the Moonstruck raffle please Blush
I will post screenshots of my character here soon.

Thanks in advance,
Thanks given by: D3VIL , SailorMoons , SailorMoons
Dear Yuki,

thank you very much for your support, as you wish i have added you to the Moonstruck's group, which allows you to participate at or JMB Weapon Raffle.
I would be glad to see screenshots of your character/s with a FAN outfit of your choise!

Best wishes,
SMS Customs always the strongest designs!
[Image: 5Ym17Cd.gif]
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Hello Yuki,

The APB Reloaded Character/s you have listed in your profile had been checked and approved by a staff member.

Thank you very much for joining our event as Moonstruck!
If you like, you can still post screenshots of your character here, but our in game staff had already verified that you had worn our FAN outfit "Unblock SailorMoons Gothika"
at the date: Mar 5, 2017 @ 10:42PM on one of the listed characters.
Please make sure to wear a FAN outfit anytime. Our Event ToS doesn't allow outfits that are not event related!
*If our in game staff see you without any content related to our event you will instantly loose your access to the Moostruck raffle* (check the event description if needed).

I hope we can start this events raffle soon.  Big Grin

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Hi. Thank you very much! I would like to share the following screenshots of my character wearing the FAN outfit i got from xBoaHancock Big Grin

[Image: yuki1.png][Image: yuki2.png]

I also hope that the event can start soon  Blush
Thanks given by: Aluminium , SailorMoons
Nice screenshots of your character! Thank you for sharing those with us Big Grin
I wish you good luck at our raffle, if we can start it sometime in the future^^
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