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District messages for FANs :D
Dear members,

i have got an idea for those of you that can and want to advertise for me and/or SMS Customs!
I will now post some messages that you can use at district servers to advertise:
Quote:The designer SailorMoons that had offered high quality anime based designs had been banned by Gamersfirst with an undefined reason. Please join SailorMoons FAN base to get the attention of GamersFirst, in order to get this ban revoked soon! :D
Quote:SailorMoons had started an Event+Raffle where you can win up to 1m APB$ and additionally join a JMB weapon raffle, where you can win one of 25! JMB weapons IF the ban gets revoked!
Quote:If you know the designer SailorMoons or his previous designs and want to have them offered again, please help me and all other FANs to force G1 to revoke the wrongly done blocking!
These messages are just a suggestion. Feel free to post your own ideas and text/s here, so other members can use your text too.

I would be glad if you use some text/s related to this at districts (not spamming xd). So people that know about me can help us with this too!

Best wishes,
SMS Customs always the strongest designs!
[Image: 5Ym17Cd.gif]
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