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♠ New Outfits Released!
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Dear visitor and SMS Customs members,

i'm proud to present my new outfits i made for the event and of course they are availeble without promotion too!
At the moment i can only sell outfits created by "xBoaHancock" (my alt. account) and ChrisRedfeId (Aluminium's account).
The following outfits are available:
Normal Outfits:
  1. SaO - Asuna Classic SMS® PT1-7
Promotion Outfits:
  1. Another - Mei Misaki USMS© PT1-5
  2. Fairy Tail - Erza J cloth USMS© PT1-2
  3. Jacket Top USMS© + Part Hotpants USMS©
  4. Shirt Top USMS© + Part Hotpants USMS©
  5. Sailor Moon - Sailor Saturn USMS© PT1-4
  6. Sailor Moon - Sailor Mercury USMS© PT1-4
  7. Unblock SailorMoons Gothika PT1-5
Promotion Outfits:
  1. Unblock SailorMoons Goku PT1-2
Since i want my main account with all the previous designed products back, i had made some outfits related to this matter in order to get recognized by GamersFirst. The more people wear an outfit shown above the better chances i might have to get the account back. Big Grin

If you and/or other people want it without, feel free to request it HERE, PM me or send an in game mail to "xBoaHancock".
But it would be nice if you also like to wear a FAN outfit too. :3
SMS Customs always the strongest designs!
[Image: 5Ym17Cd.gif]
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