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Linkin Park - Numb
Dear visitor,

our lead designer SailorMoons had created a new song in memoriam for Chester Bennington (†): "Linkin Park - Numb"
This song was made for all FANs of Chester Bennington (†) in APB Reloaded!

We have lost a great singer this year. If you want to get this song, reply to this post or send an in game mail to: "AudioMoon"(Citadel).

This song is currently sold for 50k 25k APB$

*All rights belong to Linkin Park and APB Reloaded (Gamersfirst (Reloaded Games (US/UK))).*

Greetings, Aluminium.
[Image: rra0XMV.png][Image: kgwNj44.png][Image: mnpKp7e.png]
[Image: OckxIvw.png][Image: mlxIyte.png][Image: m1lzkq2.png]
Thanks given by: SailorMoons

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