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◢ SailorMoons's To do list
Updated (Aug 23, 2017):
- Added 1 new symbol request: Yuki (The Testament of Sister New Devil)
Aug 18 - Added 3 new symbol requests: Karen x Honoka (Kiniro), Karen (Kiniro), Yuno (Mirai Nikki) (in game by customer/s)
Aug 16 - Added 1 new Outfit request: A2 (Nier Automata)!
- Added Pescaled Images to equivalent projects.
News: SailorMoons is able to work on high quality symbols(-100L) and Outfits again!
Reason: Our lead designer SailorMoons is still Banned from the Game and his new account (xBoaHancock & AudioMoon) does own APB premium again.

Welcome to the "To do List" page. Here you can see all open and future projects of SailorMoons @ xBoaHancock.
You can use this list to see how much design requests SailorMoons @ xBoaHancock has to work on, before he can start work on your request
(if you had made one, or want to do so).
Due to privacy reasons, requested projects will be marked with "by Customer". Also the copyright type is shown after it.
A list of copyright types can be found HERE.
Please always include the full name of an image or outfit you want a symbol/outfit from
(example: You want a symbol of an Anime character. Write something like that: I would like to request a symbol design of "Yahiko Pain" from the anime "Naruto Shippuuden"...)

The "[Image: ChYifMN.png]" shows the project that is currently in work. Note: All provided Pictures can be changed at any time!
Note: Due to copy protection, there will be no links to the source images used for the symbols!

Symbols: Designer: xBoaHancock (SailorMoons)
|[Image: VxHNAW9.png]| Rikka (Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: X0dgTm5.png]| Emilia (ReZero) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: 6GIWRCT.png]| Nichijou Nano - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: WJDJLfN.png]| Okabe-Rintarou (Steins Gate) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: nzW5d5C.png]| Asuka Langley (Evangelion) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: rBnjEMT.png]| Custom Rias Gremory (Highschool DxD) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: x6kayIx.png]| Levi (Attack on titan) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: 2uD3YFf.png]| Chelsea (Akame Ga Kill) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: lGam8cw.png]| Erza (Fairy tail) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: siYfrdH.png]| Saitama (One punch man) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: hAdyRTN.png]| Jason Statham Face - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: hNPXM7Z.png]| Karen x Honoka (Kiniro) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: 48YEkGU.png]| Karen (Kiniro) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: 0hnM4pf.png]| Yuno (Mirai Nikki) - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: P4FY1h1.jpg]| Yuki (The Testament of Sister New Devil) - by Customer - *Standard*
|Symbol| Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) - by Customer - *Standard*

Can be delayed:
|Symbol| Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) - by SailorMoons - *Standard*
|Symbol| Mikasa (AoT) - by SailorMoons - *Standard*
|Symbol| Maka (Soul Eater) - by SailorMoons - *Standard*
|Symbol| Lucy (Elfenlied) - by SailorMoons - *Standard*
|Symbol| SailorMoon - by SailorMoons - *Private*

Outfits: Designer: xBoaHancock (SailorMoons)
[Image: jMQJRzy.png]|[Image: JblJ2Wb.jpg]| (Overwatch) - Female - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: vgIVQ2g.jpg]| Chelsea (Akame Ga Kill) - Femaleby Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: mk9eLiN.jpg]Erza (Fairy tail) - Femaleby Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: f172vPg.jpg]| Sirene (Borderlands 2)Female - by Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: 5d9vF5w.jpg]| A2 - (Nier Automata) - Femaleby Customer - *Standard*
|[Image: BLjtpUT.jpg]Golf suit - Female - by Customer - *Standard*
|Outfit| Private Outfit - Female - by Customer - *Premium VIP*
Can be delayed:
|[Image: 3UxxGIV.jpg]| Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) - Female - by SailorMoons - *Standard*

NONE, at the moment.

THEMES: Designer: AudioMoon (SailorMoons)
|THEME| Super Mario World - Stage Clear - by SailorMoons - *Standard*
|THEME| Super Mario World - Marios death - by SailorMoons - *Standard*
|THEME| Fairy tail (main intro) - by SailorMoons - *Standard*

SONGS: Designer: AudioMoon (SailorMoons)
|SONG| Russia's National Anthem - by Customer - *Standard*
|SONG| Super Mario World - Overworld - by SailorMoons - *Standard*
|SONG| Fairy Tail - Intro - by SailorMoons - *Standard*
|SONG| Star Wars - Cantina Band - by SailorMoons - *Standard*
Thanks given by: SailorMoons , D3VIL
Thanks given by:
I had added small pictures as preview on orders we have pictures from. Hope you like it ^^
Thanks given by: SailorMoons , Aluminium
I like it! Thank you D3VIL.
SMS Customs always the strongest designs!
[Image: 5Ym17Cd.gif]
Thanks given by:
The idea is nice, but since the images need to be rescaled, it will decrease the loading speed of this page.
I had contacted SailorMoons to create pre scaled versions of these images, in order to get a fast page load.

Anyways it's a good idea D3VIL. Thank you for your employment. As always, I appreciate that!
Thanks given by: D3VIL
Good news! I have got premium now and can start the work again!
SMS Customs always the strongest designs!
[Image: 5Ym17Cd.gif]
Thanks given by:

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