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Order copy right and pricing.

if you want to request a symbol, outfit, car, theme or song creation you should have read the following text before you request our designers,
in order to make sure that everything will be fine with your order and avoid delays!

Main Informations:

After you had read the informations below, follow these steps:

Create a post at Request a Product with the following informations:
If you want to order a private product, please create a post at Private Order Section!
  1. A Picture Link of your ordered symbol, outfit or car
  2. A Quality level (1-5)
  3. A Copy Right type
  4. Accept our Terms of Use
1. Picture:
we need a picture(or more) for the production, normally we do not accept requests without a picture(or more).
Please write the link/s to the website/s that offers the picture/s of your symbol, outfit or car designing request in your request post!
(If your picture/s is/are not available in the inernet you can use a free image upload site like imgur)

2. Quality level and Price Classes...

2-1. Quality level and Price Classes (1-5 available)
Depending on the difficultly of the order it can vary with the final Price
Here are the different categories with standard beginning prices:
Symbols, Clothes:
  1. Quality level 1:  5-10k (max 50 Layers)
  2. Quality level 2:  10-20k (max 75 Layers)
  3. Quality level 3:  20-50k (max 100 Layers)
  4. Quality level 4:  50-100k (100 Layers + shadowing)
  5. Quality level 5:  100-300k (complex details)
You can write "Quality level 1-5" if you are undecided (extra cost of 5k)
By using "Quality level 1-5" we will make different quality levels of your order based on the difficultly of the symbol/clothes, most likely we will start at Quality level 3
Then it's up to you to choose the one you like
The price for cars is calculated like the following:
vehicle purchase price + number of symbols to ad + symbol Difficulty
Themes and songs:
Currently we do not take requests for themes or songs

2-2. Work time
You can write us with a deadline date for your order to be completed.
Please note: The TO DO LIST since the orders on the list have priority. We may not be able to accept the deadline date you have set.
After you have got the "Your order <name> is now in production" message the days start to count.
This means the longer you wait the more the final price will be reduced for you.
  • after 3 days = -5k
  • after 5 days = -8k
  • after 7 days = -15k
  • after 14 days = -30k
  • after 30 days = -50k
1k = 1000 APB$

3. Copy Right types
We need to know what kind of Copy Right type you want. Please note that all our designers have the tight to reject a selected copy right type above "Standart".

1. Standard
 After your order is finished it will be available at the Market place
 No free copies
 You get 20% reduction for 1 copys of the same product
 Access to updates free updates of the purchased product (please send back the old version/s after receiving the new one/s, otherwise you will loose the right of §1-b & §2-a)

2. Extended 》+200% addition to the Standard price
After the release your Order will only become available for everyone after 3 months
 You get 20% reduction to each new copy of the same product (reselling not allowed see §3)
 Access to updates, no need to send back the old version/s

3. Limited Release *NEW
 Choose how much copies the producer of your product can sell after its release!
 All people who want to buy your limited release product will have to pay the same price as you!
    50 Copies 》+300% addition to the standard price
    40 Copies 》+400% addition to the standard price
    30 Copies 》+500% addition to the standard price
    20 Copies 》+600% addition to the standard price
    15 Copies 》+700% addition to the standard price

4. VIP 》+1000% addition to the standard price
 No free copies (price before VIP addition)
 No free product change/s, requested by customer (price before VIP addition)
 Your product can be used for promotion reasons (§5-a.)
 Only you will have access to the product and updates
Updates and new versions are free after sending back the old version/s first
10% lifetime reduction to all products i offer (Stackable*)

5. Premium VIP 》 +1300% addition to the standard price
 Like the first but with:
 Free copies of your product (no limit)/(we need the reason why you need a copy)
 Free product change/s, requested by customer (Note §1-b.)

Terms of Use
The following Terms of Use are needed for the producer. Also to show the rights a custumer gets with his/her order. The producer is also allowed to update this terms of use and inform the customers about it. After the customer had been informed he/she needs to agree to the updated Terms of Use in order to keep his/her rights. If the customer does not answer within 30 days he/she will loose the rights of his/her product.

1. Updates

    1-a Improvements
           ✪ Improvements will be made automatically if the producer found something to improve.
           ✪ The customer will be contacted if a improved version is available.
               Excluded if §1-c

    1-b Improved versions
           ✪ The customers are able to get improved version/s of their product/s (if available).
               Based on the Customer Right type (declared at §2) of the customer, there will be limitations.
           ✪ The customers are able to request improvements for their product/s.
               The producer reserves the right in declining the incoming improvement or modifying request if:
               - the producer has got no premium membership to work at the customers request.
               - the producer thinks the actual product doesn't need a modification/improvement.
               - there will be no specific amount of payment for modifying an existing product based on the difficultly.
           ✪ The producer has to inform the customer about updates of their purchased product/s.
               This doesn't come in affect if the updated product belongs to §1-b.
           ✪ The producer has to contact only customers found in the customer list.
               If you own a SMS®/™/© product while not beeing on the customer list this warranty is void.

    1-c Separate Version Update
           ✪ Separate Version Updates are versions of a product that had been edited by the producer and are meant to be a different version of
               the actual purchasable product, this update is usually used to offer different styles of the same product.
           ✪ A Separate Version Update will be made if the producer found a different style idea that would make a
               actual product look better while still offering the old version with lower or higher prices.

2. Customer Rights

    2-a "Standard" customer Rights
           ✪ All people which had bought a SMS®/™/© marked product from the producers:
              SailorMoons or vengefuL own the "Standard" customer right.
               Products bought by someone else than from SailorMoons or vengefuL are not included in this Warranty.
           ✪ The "Standard" customer has to send back the old version after receiving the new version in order to keep this right.
           ✪ The "Standard" customer has the right to resell purchased products.

    2-b "Extended" customer Rights
           ✪ The "Extended" customer is able to get improved versions without sending back the old version/s first.
               This warranty is only valid within 3 months. After this time period the customer needs to send back the old version/s first.
           ✪ Only the REGISTERED CUSTOMER/S is/are allowed to ask for copies of his/her product/s within the first 3 months after the product release.
               The REGISTERED CUSTOMER is the character name of the person who has requested the order.

    2-c "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customer Rights
           ✪ Only the REGISTERED CUSTOMER/S is/are allowed to ask for copies of his/her product/s.
               The REGISTERED CUSTOMER is the character name/s of the person who has requested the order.
           ✪ If the "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customer wants to buy (not for "Premium VIP") a second or more copy/s of his/her product
               he/she has to tell the producer why he/she needs/wants a copy.
           ✪ If the "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customer wants a copy for his/her other character/s (or friends) he/she has to tell the producer the name
               of his/her other character/s (or friends) that should get the new copy of the product/s.
               After a "VIP" customer gets a second copy of a product/s he/she will be bound to §5
           ✪ If the "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customer wants a copy because he/she lost/deleted the old copy he/she will also have to argee to §5,
               since this will also count as second (or more) copy.

3. Copy right changing

    3-a Downrating
           ✪ The producer reserves the right in downrating the actual customer copy right type if:
             - the customer does not accept the terms of use or an updated version of these terms of use.
             - the customer does not reply us within 30 days that he/she will accept the then current version of these terms of use.
             - the customer have/had resold a product that he/she has the rights for (first 3 months Extended, VIP, Premium VIP).
             - someone UNREGISTERED uses a product that he/she has the rights for (first 3 months Extended, VIP, Premium VIP).
             - a suspicion of reselling/trading is confirmed.
             - a copy was found at the Marketplace.

    3-b Copy right upgrade
           ✪ The customer is able to get a higher copy right type if:
             - he/she is/was the person who had ordered a symbol, outfit or car.
             - if the customer asks for it within 7 days. A Level upgrade can only be approved after the official product release.

4. Refund Warranty

   4-a Refund
           ✪ The customer has the right to get a refund within 7 days.
           ✪ The customer has the right to get a refund if the product has critical failures.
           ✪ The customer has to give detailed informations to the producer why he/she wants a refund.
           ✪ In the case of a refund the customer has to put the product he/she wants a refund for at the marketplace
               with the same price as it was bought from the producers SailorMoons or KisaraTendo.
           ✪ If the original SMS® product/s was bought from someone else this warranty is void.

   4-b Order cancellation
           ✪ The customer has the right to terminate a open order.
           ✪ If the product/s is/are already finished it/they will be available at Marketplace.
           ✪ If a product is over 50% done it will be finished even after the customer had cancelled his/her order.
               In this case the customer has the choice to buy the rights for the then finished product if he/she is interested in doing so.

5. "VIP&Premium VIP" Warranty

   5-a Promotion
           ✪ The producer reserves the right in using the "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customers product/s for promotional reasons in any way.
               While noticing the actual "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" rights.
           ✪ The producer is not allowed to tell the name/s of the "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customers that currently own the rights for specific products.

   5-b Pain Money
           ✪ If a "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customer finds someone with his/her product/s he/she can get pain money with up to 100% payback.
           ✪ To get pain money the "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customer needs to prove that someone UNREGISTERED has the product/s
               he/she owns the rights for by showing screen shots or video/s of the player with the product/s.

   5-c Warranty Excludes
           ✪ IF THE PRODUCT WAS DOWNRATED BY THE PRODUCER TO A "Standard Order" OR "Extended Order". See 3.

   5-d Character name change and account ban
           ✪ If a "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customer wants to change his/her character name he/she needs to inform the producer about this propose.
           ✪ The producer has the right in terminating a "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customers status if he/she had changed his/her character name without informing the producer.
           ✪ The "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customer has to inform the producer if a character name of his/her character (or friend/s) will/had be/been changed.
           ✪ If a "VIP" and/or "Premium VIP" customer gets banned by FairFight all products he/she had the rights for will be reset to "Standard Order".
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