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Symbol design request
Big Grin 
Hi i wanted to request the designer SailorMoons with the following symbol request, if you can do it:

I would be glad if you can create the following symbol for me:
I don't know what to choose, please select one you think that looks good enough.
Please do not choose a nude or Bikini Version of the character, i prefer something like my Profile Image :3

Picture Link: above
Quality Level 5
Copy Right: Standart
I Accept the Terms of Use

I can pay up to 300k for a good quality like your 300k quality symbols have.

Please reply if you can make it and how Long it would take to complete it (approximately). I can wait that's no Problem for me!
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Hello Yuki,

thank you for your symbol request, i had informed SailorMoons, he will check your request. Please wait until he comes online Smile

Let's see what our lead designer says about your request …

Thanks given by: Yuki
Dear Yuki,

thank you very much for your symbol request!
The order is now approved with the conditions you had provided. It will be added to the "To do List" asap.
As you wish i will search for a good picture of this character while noticing your conditions Wink

Best wishes,
SMS Customs always the strongest designs!
[Image: 5Ym17Cd.gif]
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Very nice, thank you for accepting!
And how long it would take to complete it (approximately)?
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I can not say an ETA atm. But i guess around one or two months Confused
SMS Customs always the strongest designs!
[Image: 5Ym17Cd.gif]
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Dear Yuki,

our lead designer had created and uploaded 6 pictures of your requested character you want a symbol from.
You are now able to choose the one you like the most, until the work on it can start!
Also if you think none of the following fits your style, please reply us with a picture of your choise (good quality recommended).

Choices: (Currently chosen and registered by the producer: "1.")
1. [Image: P4FY1h1.jpg] 2. [Image: L0o02sN.jpg] 3. [Image: o7FPBgj.png] 4. [Image: 6cjNBPB.png] 5. [Image: f4r9x95.png] 6. [Image: PwdAbd3.png]
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All of them are very nice! I like the if you don't mind Big Grin
Thanks, that you let me choose one!
Thanks given by: D3VIL
Like you wish, i will take Version 4 then^^
SMS Customs always the strongest designs!
[Image: 5Ym17Cd.gif]
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